Talks & workshops

A selection of some of my talks and workshops. Recordings are linked in the title, if available.


Prototype fund – Aufruf zur neuen Runde
Netzpolitischer Abend, Berlin, Germany

Who needs money? Cash for FOSS
Nextcloud Conference, Berlin, Germany

Who needs money? Cash for FOSS
Datenspuren, Dresden, Germany


Source Code
Logan CIJ Symposium, London, UK

Presenting Nextcloud Simple Signup
Netzpolitischer Abend, Berlin, Germany


CryptoParty: Rip off the bandaid!
OpenFest, Sofia, Bulgaria
Oscal, Tirana, Albania

Riot in the Matrix: Revolutionizing communication
c/o pop convention, Köln, Germany


Nothing to hide
Tincon, Berlin, Germany

Travels with Tor
Nervous Systems, HKW Berlin, Germany

Crypto for Journalists
True Lies by n-ost & bpb, Odessa, Ukraine


I come in peace
Novi Sad, 2015

CryptoParty must die
Openfest, Sofia, Bulgaria
BalcCon2k15, Novi Sad, Serbia

Connect. Organize. Resist.
Innovating for Privacy Conference, Innovathens, Athens, Greece

Who reads open secrets?
Un|commons, Berlin, Germany

Unicorns have secrets
UNIT Festival, Berlin, Germany


This is our future
OpenFest, Sofia, Bulgaria