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Disclaimer: this is not an official documentation from Tor. This is an independent list of resources run by Tor users to help each other to understand and deal with a problem that they have to deal with on a daily basis.
For official documentation from the Tor Project, visit

Need some documentation about CloudFlare? Here it is!

Most importantly: What can I do as a Tor user?

  • You can reach out to CloudFlare to tell them what you experience when you use Tor. Talk to them on social media, send emails.
    Show them that you care. Explain why you want the situation to evolve.
    Stay polite. There’s people like you and me working there, some of them are willing to help, no need to insult anyone.
  • You can reach out to CloudFlare customers to ask them to whitelist Tor. Or even better, to switch to a Content Delivery Provider that supports Tor users.
    Talk to them on social media, send emails, use forms on websites.
    Show them that you care. Explain why it would be good for both sides (website & Tor users) if they would whitelist Tor.
    Here again, stay polite. CloudFlare customers don’t all know about Tor and the CloudFlare problem, they may need some time to understand what’s going on. Here too you are talking to real people who may be willing to help, no need to insult anyone.
  • If you want to discuss the problem with CloudFlare customers and/or want to help them to help Tor users, it’s better to be well informed before engaging in a conversation.
    Take some time to read the Tor Project’s fact sheet.
  • If a CloudFlare customer doesn’t know how to whitelist Tor, you can send them this link
  • We used to recommend Donncha’s Tor Whitelister tool. Don’t do this anymore. This was good as long as CloudFlare didn’t provide its own tool.
    Always recommend CloudFlare’s tool if you want a CloudFlare customer to whitelist Tor. This works better and is easier to use.
  • If you have a story to tell about CloudFlare you can tell it to Alison Macrina who is collecting them for Tor.
    Email alison at libraryfreedomproject dot org
  • Be creative! Make art, jokes, create memes. Make it fun!
    Here’s a collection of pictures about CloudFlare

And also…

Of course, CloudFlare is not responsible for all blocks on Tor websites. Check out the list of websites that are blocked for other reasons and feel free to participate!

Oh, and have a look at La Quadrature du Net’s awesome fake CloudFlare captcha!

You can contact me here.

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